Connection Of Childhood Trauma With Adult Alcoholism

Around the world, illegal drugs are said to be used by more than 208 million people. Addiction can start for many reasons. Usually, people don’t start using drugs or alcohol intending to become addicted, it just happens.

Some people have more of a chance to become addicted. Some people whose family members have had addiction problems are more likely to become addicted. Often for people who turn to alcohol as a crutch, they have experienced a past trauma.


What Is Trauma

Many people in the world experience trauma, more than should. A large number of them are children who are definitely not equipped to deal with that.

You might have had a trauma in your life if:

–    You were there to witness a violent action.

–    You have experienced high amounts of intense pain.

–    You have ever had to fear for your safety and wellbeing.

Everyone reacts differently to trauma. Some people are strong and able to get through it, almost to the point of heroism. There is no shame though in not handling it well. How you react to these types of events can shape what happens later on in life.

There are some traumas that people keep experiencing. These traumas include childhood abuse or even military combat. People also are forced to live through natural disasters, poverty, sexual assault, domestic violence, bullying, and even extreme car accidents.


What Is PTSD

Often these types of trauma can lead to PTSD. PTSD is short for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A lot of people are under the misconception that PTSD is only something veterans can have. That is not the case.

PTSD is considered a mental illness. People who have PTSD have anxiety and experience flashbacks because of a traumatic event. They also can have really intense and bothersome thoughts due to these experiences.

They might need to avoid situations that could trigger them or people.


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

It is actually a regular occurrence for addiction to be a response to childhood trauma. There is a strong relationship between the two that cannot be denied.

Trauma negatively affects the brain. This can lead people to self-medicate to deal with their pain or suffering. People are more likely to have mental health problems if they have dealt with trauma in the past.

Children are more likely to become an addict if they grew up in these conditions:

–    Neglect

–    Parents with mental issues

–    Parents with addiction

–    Abuse (sexual or physical or emotional)

–    Domestic violence

–    Parents who are in prison

–    Losing a parent


Trauma Adaption

When children are growing up there is a pause on their growth after experiencing trauma. This is because they just can’t handle the situations. They don’t know how to handle them mentally.

They might end up starting to self-medicate young. They could turn to risky behavior such as pills or alcohol. If they are not given the chance to learn healthy coping mechanisms then as they get older they might turn to substance abuse.