Is Alcohol Detox Dangerous?

Detoxification is never something someone should try alone. It is important to have someone with you or to be at a facility with a doctor. This is because it is possible to die from detoxification if the symptoms are extreme.

Alcohol can lead to heart failure and death. Some extreme symptoms can include blood infections, swollen liver, low blood pressure or kidney failure. This isn’t always the case and depends on your level of alcohol addiction.

Detoxing alone can be fatal, and that makes it dangerous. But detoxing in a facility with medical staff and doctors trained and treatment will save your life.

Recovery is about not doing things alone and finding support. That is key to making sure you recover fully and stay sober.

Many celebrities show up in the news who tried going through their detox alone. Often that is dangerous because there isn’t anyone there to help or monitor them. If they are trying to use medications to help them detox and then succumb to their addiction that could be fatal. Mixing those medications and alcohol are dangerous.

If someone is having extreme withdrawal symptoms, their body can shut down. If there is no one to call for help, this can lead to death.

Help With Detox

People who become addicted to alcohol need help. To know if a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction look for these common signs:

–    Craving alcohol

–    Lying about alcohol drinking

–    Blackouts

–    Guilt about drinking

–    Having withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop drinking

If you notice early on, then there is a better chance of a full and fast recovery. That way people get the help that they need before there is a chance of danger. As long as they are in a facility with trained professionals, they will be safe and on their way to recovering.


Withdrawal is the body’s response when a substance it believes itself to be dependent on is abruptly stopped. This often results in a lot of unpleasant or uncomfortable symptoms. The body goes into shock and these symptoms usually appear.

–    Anxiety

–    Nausea

–    Shaking hands

–    Vomiting

–    Increased blood rate

–    Mood swings

–    Sweating

–    Hallucinations

–    Seizures

–    Organ failure

As you can see the symptoms can get to the extreme. It depends on each person’s medical history and their relationship with alcohol. Those who use more and have used longer might have a more negative response.

Since these symptoms vary for everyone, it is important to check into a proper treatment facility. Trained staff and doctors are there to make sure you stay safe.

There is no reason to be ashamed of your issues or to fear cost. Calling a center and getting started can help you learn about different ways to get you what you need. The first step to recovery is giving yourself a proper chance to get well.

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