Our Staff

At Healthy Gaily Pacesetter Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center we have been proudly employing the best staff. They are well trained and ready to assist you with all of your needs. Many of our doctors and team are known for their high-quality service.

We want to commit to you and your recovery. That is why we take the time to make sure only the most experienced staff work here. Our hiring process is selective and secure.

Learn more about our talented staff and team below.


Dr. Maria Jenkins

Dr. Maria Jenkins has spent the last fourteen years in recovery assistance. She has dedicated her life to helping people recover from alcohol addiction. After she lost her husband to addiction in 1999, she realized there was a need in this field.

There was a need for dedicated and educated doctors. So she decided to fill that gap by becoming a star to those who need her light.

She has plenty of experience helping people detox and manage their symptoms. She is ready to help you.


Dr. Pamela Scruggs

Dr. Pamela Scruggs is our psychiatrist. She has focused on our ideology and influenced it the most. She has always believed in our patients being able to reach a better life. She wants to make sure everyone knows they can take matters into their own hands.

Dr. Scruggs has worked in many different backgrounds and brings such experience to the table. She takes pride in having worked with a variety of people. She felt she would do best in this setting because she has a gift with treating those who suffer from addiction.

She has put a lot of focus into programs for mothers who suffer from addiction and newborns with addiction. She has the desire to help mothers kick their habit and get back to their kids. She is an inspiration.