Staying Alcohol-Free – It’s Easy!

After treatment is over and you get back to the real world it can feel hard to stay sober. That’s why they teach plenty of coping mechanisms in treatment programs. It is essential to start as soon as possible in applying those to your own life.

It’s an entirely different environment after recovery. You know longer have them around the clock support. Expectations might be higher because you have to start looking out for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a challenge though. Staying sober will definitely be difficult at first. Anything worth doing takes time. You know you’ve got this.

Recovery is an ongoing process. Most people will say that they will be in recovery for their whole life because you need to stay away from alcohol for good. Sticking to your guns from the start will be the best way to keep on keeping on.


Let’s go over some tips and reminders on how easy it can be to stay sober.

  1. Take A Deep Breath

Remember that it is just one day at a time. Don’t try to think of it in terms of months or years or even forever. Instead, remember that you only experience each day at a time. That means you only have to be sober for this one day. Tomorrow is a new day and whole new experience.

Each day is a new start and you have the chance to make it wonderful.

  1. Changes Are Required

Once you’re out of treatment and are in your life of recovery you can’t keep things as they were. If you don’t make changes then it can be super easy to fall back into your old habits.

Don’t let that happen.

It might be time to make new friends or find a new job. You might not be able to hang out where you used to. All of these places can have bad influences or triggers. You want to surround yourself with those who care about you and your recovery.

Make sure not to put yourself in situations where your sobriety may be challenged. Support and love yourself enough to only be around those who love you too.

  1. Plan Your Weeks Ahead Of Time

People who are newly minted into recovery may find themselves with a lot of free time. Drinking and alcohol-related adventures used to be how they filled their spare moments. Friends who also drank were who they hung out with.

Now that you are making an effort to change your life, there is a lot of time you didn’t use to have. This time can be triggering because you might find yourself craving your old ways.

Stay strong and start to plan ahead. You can go to AA meetings or schedule lunch with family or even exercise. Find new hobbies and new places to go and then plan ahead to do that for the week.

That way you aren’t left with periods where you don’t know what to do with yourself. Be proactive and take the first steps in keeping your sobriety.