PIEE Teaching Seminars in Russian language for Candidates (TSR)

The PIEE is organizing a 2nd Group of the Teaching Seminars in Russian language (TSR) for Candidates, which will be rather similar to the Seminars held for the 1st Group, which started in Odessa in May 2006.

The Seminars will be coordinated by the PIEE TSR Committee formed by: Paolo Fonda, Gary Goldsmith and Eike Hinze.

The Seminars will be held for 4 weekends a year (Saturday and Sunday) and for 4 years. There will be Russian speaking teachers or teachers with translation into Russian. At the end of this letter there is a list of some teachers. Others will be added later.

The first Seminar will be in Odessa, soon after the end of the PIEE Summer School and in the same hotel, on 13-15 June 2008. Others will follow on: 20-21 September, 6-7 December 2008 and on 13-15 February 2009, soon after the PIEE Members and Candidates Seminar.

Usually the seminar will have the following schedule:

10.00 -11.30 Introduction to the theme
12.00 -13.30 Theory
14.30 -16.00 Clinical seminar
16.30 -18.00 Theory
18.00-18.30 Discussion
8.30 – 10.00 Theory
10.30 – 12.00 Clinical seminar
13.00- 14.30 Theory
15.00- 16.30 Discussion

The TSR participants must attend every year still the PIEE Members’ and Candidates’ Seminars (the PIEE Candidates Seminar in English) or/and the Candidates Section in Russian at the PIEE Summer School. At these two Seminars/Schools the TSR participants will be registered fee free.

During the TSR two candidates will present in a discussion group an analytic clinical case in each Seminar, possibly for all four years, while others will present cases at every second seminar. At the end of every year each participant will write some pages on a theme discussed in one of the seminars. A reading list is provided.

There will be accepted not more than 15 participants. Priority will be given to those PIEE Candidates (who have already passed the admission interview – the second interview), who have less opportunity to get enough theoretical teaching. Exceptionally few Registered Analysands may be registered too, so as some Candidates from Study Groups (in agreement with their Groups and with their Sponsoring Committee).

Participants should pay a yearly TSR registration fee of 400 Euro, which will include accommodation and meals for each seminar since Friday evening to Sunday lunch. Participants must pay by themselves their travel expenses or prolonged stay in the TSR venue. Participants, whose analyst is among the teachers, must inform of this the TSR Organizing Committee.

It is expected that only those who are deeply motivated and able to attend all the seminars will apply to be accepted as participants, in order to obtain the PIEE validation of this teaching program for their training.

Those who are interested must send their Registration forms to Gary Goldsmith (email: [email protected] ) and cc to Paolo Fonda (email: [email protected] ) not later than the 3rd of February 2008!

A 3rd Group will probably start in Spring 2010.

Best wishes for the year 2008
Paolo Fonda

TSR Teachers:
-Marina Arutunyan (Moscow)
-Igor Kadyrov (Moscow)
-Katya Kalmykova (Moscow)
-Lola Komarova (Moscow)
-Liudmila Toporova (St.Petersburg)
-Martin Mahler (Czech R.)
-Vaclav Mikota (Czech R.)
-Michael Sebek (Czech R.)
-Marina Loukomskaia (France)
-Ingrid Biermann (Germany)
-Eike Hinze (Germany)
-Hans Volker Werthmann (Germany)
-Paolo Fonda (Italy)
-Gary Goldsmith (USA)
-Levas Kovarskis (Finland)
-Stase Meskauskiene (Lithuania)
-François Ladame (Switzerland)

P.S.: As some emails fail to reach the addressers, please, inform of this Circular letter the Candidates and the Registered Analysands with whom you are in contact.

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