What is new

Updated Seminars and Circulars .
(January 2008)

Updated Calendar and Schools .

(October 2007)

Updated Roster, Links and Memories
(November 2007)

Updated Circulars
(February 2007)

The updated Activities in 2007, Schools,
Piee Board and Staff Members, Roster and Circulars
(December 2006)

The updated Activities in 2007 and Schools
(November 2006)

The updated Activities in 2006 and Schools
(February 2006)

Activities in 2006
(January 2006)

The PIEE Circulars
(August 2004)

The new version of the Guidelines
(November 2003)

The updated PIEE Board and Staff Members
(November 2003)

The updated PIEE Roster
(October 2003)

The PIEE Ethical Code
(November 2003)